Marketing budget trends and news

In the beginning

When it first made its debut in 2009, The Marketing Budget Report was then focused on digital marketing budget spend trends.

The data compiled for the report had been curated over the span of several years and from many different sources including industry websites, blogs, and social networks.

Once the digital marketing budget spend data was organized and consolidated, a final version of the report was then published and uploaded as a shareable PDF.

The goal

Founded by long time digital strategist, Mayra Ruiz-McPherson, The Marketing Budget Report sought to achieve the following goals:

  • Create a convenient centralization of digital marketing spend content from multiple sources for ease of access and use
  • Segment digital marketing spend trends by specific channels or marketing activity
  • Implement basic and advanced search mechanisms for referencing specific spend information by year or marketing category
  • Serve as a trusted source for timely digital marketing spend trends worldwide and across industries
  • Inform and guide marketing professionals on how to best fund digital marketing initiatives, campaigns, and programs within their organizations

Strong interest & high ratings

Once uploaded to various social networks for sharing, The Marketing Budget Report received several thousand views and 13 complementary, 5-star ratings on Scribd. These outcomes helped to attest that the information contained in The Marketing Budget Report was of high interest and offered value to those who read it.

Report makeover & mobile relaunch

Given the demand for information on trends in marketing spend allocation, Mayra next transformed The Marketing Budget Report into this searchable wiki to extend its utility beyond a single, static PDF. This wiki contains a searchable database focused on the subject of marketing budget allocation and spend trends data. Users can now use the data to stay abreast of important news and trends impacting marketing and advertising budgets across a variety of media and channels year after year.

Addition of marketing specialty categories

The Marketing Budget Report not only curates and centralizes important marketing budget trends and data, it also makes the information easy to find. Each entry is categorized by niche marketing function or specialty to help users searching for specific budget news across marketing disciplines in a more relevant way.

Advanced search

Another helpful feature is the report’s keyword search with advanced search filter capability.

Marketing decision makers can easily search for marketing budget statistics using date ranges to help them compare and contrast trend changes over time.

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